Do you need assistance justifying the investment of an Instron system?

Instron's Investment Appraisal could help you to define the value you could expect to realise from a premium test system

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An Investment Appraisal is simply a meeting; we use an independent third party software to input variables such as labour cost, routine maintenance costs, energy costs, machine downtime (and many more) to determine how and when you will see the return on the purchase of an Instron System. Each consideration is valued using the software “live” and all of the benefits and costs will be assessed and converted into an ROI*-based business case immediately.

*Return on Investment: the base on which all informed investment decisions are made. The calculation uses both one-time and repeat cost against the gains of an investment to determine how quickly you will see a return, i.e., when gains begin to outweigh costs.

WHAT's needed for an apraisal?

An Investment Appraisal meeting will take anywhere from 2-4 hours of your time. Beforehand, it is helpful to consider areas of potential business improvement. Will this investment reduce disruptions in the production line? Will it reduce downtime of a laboratory and potentially save man-hours in the process? You don’t need to know all the input data at the beginning; assumptions can be made, checked, and modified during the process. Ideally, you will need representatives from across your organisation who will be directly impacted by the implementation of our Instron Solution.

What do you get from an Investment Appraisal?



Net Present Value
NPV, the net profit of the investment.

The time it takes to see a return
on the investment


Internal Rate of Return
IRR, the annual percentage rate of return

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