Protect your Instron Investment with a Genuine Retrofit

Your Instron system has provided years of accuracy, reliability, and service. The original parts used on an Instron tester were designed and built to work together within their respective systems to provide optimum performance, safety, and system integrity.

Protect your original Instron investment with a genuine Instron retrofit and OEM components. It’s the only way to guarantee continued performance, safety, and efficiency. Maintaining the effectiveness of system features requires the use of appropriate parts and components designed and tested with the same care and attention as the testing systems they go into. Instron retrofits are designed specifically for each respective frame, so you’ll get the most uptime and maximum performance.

Unlike third-party substitutes, replacement parts from Instron meet all the specifications and specific tolerances to keep your system running as intended. Instron retrofits include new wiring harnesses, brackets, cables designed for easy, clean installation, and no compromise on safety – we do not resort to impromptu snipping, ripping, and soldering on the customer machine.

How Does an Instron Retrofit Protect You and Your Investment?


Instron systems are built to withstand thousands of hours of testing and are relied upon to produce highly accurate and repeatable results - with little to no downtime. A system’s downtime leads to higher expenses, lost revenue, and a loss of valuable testing time. Your investment in an Instron retrofit gives you the peace of mind that these problems will be avoided.


The risks to employee safety and liability for injury are very real with non-Instron retrofits. With inherent high-load capacities and voltages, bypassing built-in safety features could cost dearly in system damage, or worse, the health and well-being of operators. Instron retrofits and components are designed to retain or enhance safety to protect operators from harm and reduce related liability. To gamble on anything less is taking a serious risk with very little upside in cost or time.

What are the Other Advantages?

  • Designed, tested, and updated by Instron - the original designer and manufacturer 
  • Designed specifically for your Instron frame’s unique engineering and operating specifications 
  • Uses genuine Instron specified, tested, and approved replacement parts 
  • Difficult to support, or “at risk” parts and components are replaced to ensure long-term reliability 
  • Supported by the latest Instron software for control and data analysis 
  • Guaranteed compatibility with existing Instron load cells and transducers 
  • Full compliance with safety and EMC standards applied to new Instron systems 
  • User documentation specific to system retrofit 
  • Full technical support for the entire system after installation - eliminates vendor finger-pointing 
  • Avoids risks of 3rd party “one-of-a-kind” improvised solutions that can affect original operating performance and compromise safety