Employee Profiles

Human Resources Director - Marina Polyakova
“I am delighted to be a part of the Instron team and feel very privileged to be surrounded by so many talented, experienced, supportive and warm people. Instron truly embraces diversity and allows people to be themselves and perform at their best. ”
Marina's Profile 
Research and Development - James Cooke
“It's great to work for a company that makes products that you can be really proud of. My role is to develop algorithms that make a machine move in a fast and controlled manner. This is based on mathematical models of machines that we develop in our department.”
James' Profile 

Product Manager - Nick Shrubsall
“I joined Instron in 2008 and have held two major roles during the past years. My roles in Research and Development and the Dynamic Systems Business Team have enabled me to learn a huge amount about our business, customers and applications. Instron has provided me with an environment in which I am able to continuously develop.”
Nick's Profile
Commercial Director - Tom Davies
“The most amazing thing about Instron is the sheer variety of challenges we help our customers to solve. Our equipment goes into almost every industry you could imagine. We test the biggest things from aircraft, cars, bridges and buildings to the smallest things like skin tissue and spider silk. I learn something new every day.”
Tom's Profile
Sales Support Engineer - Francis Corsbie
“Working in the Business Team brings me into contact with people from across the company from sales and service to manufacturing and planning. It’s an excellent vantage point to see how the company works as a whole.”
Francis' Profile 
Graduate Electronics Engineer - Adam Cro
“The company is producing cutting edge testing equipment right here in the UK and it’s a great to be a part of the team behind the design of these machines.”
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ElectroPuls Applications Engineer - Alessandro Zazzarelli
“I knew of Instron from my time at university, having worked on their machines throughout my university career. I can now appreciate just how broad our product range is, and the number of applications they are used for.”
Alessandro's Profile 

Project Engineer - Ferid Mahmoud
“My main role is to design customer-specific chambers and furnaces that accompany our testing machines. The job is exciting because every project is different and new.”
Ferid's Profile