Project Engineer

Project Engineer Ferid Mahmoud

Working at Instron

I started Instron in November 2012. Having just graduated from Brunel University where I studied Mechanical Engineering. I decided to follow the sandwich MEng route, which consisted of a one year placement and an additional year Master’s course.

This degree not only allowed me to graduate with a Masters, it also allowed me to gain experience in the engineering field. I achieved a first class MEng honours with professional development.

What does your role involve?

My main role is to design customer-specific chambers and furnaces that accompany our testing machines.

Another main aspect of the role is to manage these projects. The job is exciting because every project is different and new. Things can and often do go wrong which always keeps me on my toes!

How did you become an Project Engineer?

During my placement, I worked as a test engineer for a large measurement company. I was involved in creating test rigs and performing conformance tests on faulty and upcoming products.

The experience and knowledge I gained from the job, along with my qualifications, provided enough to become a project engineer.

Top Tips

"I highly recommend every student to do a placement year during their studies. You gain valuable experience that you can’t pick up at university!"

"This will give you an edge over other students applying for the same position as you."