Product Manager

Applications Engineer Nick Shrubsall

Working at Instron

I joined Instron in 2008 and have held a number of roles during the past 7 years. My roles in Research & Development and in the Dynamics System Business Team have enabled me to learn a huge amount about our business, our customers and their applications. Instron has provided me with an environment in which I am able to continuously develop. The breadth of experience I have gained around the business, enable me to be highly effective in my current role.

I enjoy the variety of industries and experience we are exposed to at Instron. No two projects are the same and you learn something new every day.

What does your role involve?

As a product manager it is my job to optimise the development of our products to meet the needs of our customers and promote them in a way which maximizes our chances of success.  As a company we have a strategy to build on our strengths and deliver targeted growth within certain markets and customer demographics.  It is the product managers who convert the high level strategy into a clear direction for engineering, marketing and sales departments to execute.

How did you become an Applications Engineer?

I studied a 4 year MEng degree course in Cybernetics and later moved into a more commercially facing role to develop a broader range of skills.  Creativity and imagination have helped me progress as well as remembering to put the customer first.

Top Tips

"Enthusiasm! – It is really important to bring a positive energy to your work. A smile goes a long way and people will remember you."

"Innovation – Although it won’t apply to every role, I always try to bring creativity to my work. Always ask yourself, is this the best way we can do it?"

"Do something that makes you happy, It’s not all about money!"