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Bluehill® Software features fully-integrated modular software packages that provide easy, tailored application solutions for today's laboratory managers and test technicians. Bluehill provides the most powerful and flexible material testing packages available along with an intuitive web-like design that users at all levels will find easy-to-use and learn. From the simplicity of a basic peak load test to the power required for a complex cyclic test, users will appreciate the minimum learning and training required. Bluehill is available as either Bluehill 3 or Bluehill LE to suit your particular test system and application needs.

Bluehill 3 is the latest generation of the industry leading software and is compatible with all Instron® 5900, 3300, 8800, ElectroPuls and 5500 Testing Systems. Bluehill 3 contains enhancements and features that are designed specifically with the end-user in mind. From improvements to the navigation and help systems to powerful and flexible calculation and data analysis routines, Bluehill 3 meets the demands of any level of user from educators and test technicians to quality engineers and laboratory managers.

Principle Of Operation

Bluehill software is divided into color-coded tabs making what you are doing obvious. Screens are tailored to the unique application requirements of each test type. Parameters such as fixture set-up, test terminology, unit choices and calculations are configured automatically, allowing your laboratory to achieve maximum productivity easily and quickly. Bluehill's capabilities and design reflect Instron’s strong application background, developed almost 60 years ago as a world leader in material testing.

Application Range

The features list for Bluehill software program suite is extremely comprehensive. Please refer to individual brochures and datasheets for more details of functionality and system compatibility.

Do Even More with Bluehill

  • New! Bluehill LE for basic standards driven testing.
  • TrendTracker™ Software for Bluehill 3 and Bluehill LE: Quickly search, display, and analyze test results.
  • Completely redesigned TestProfiler for greater test design flexibility released in 3.61

What Can Bluehill 3 Do for Me?

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