Calibration and Verification

For more than 40 years, Instron® has provided calibrations of the highest quality, offering a wide range of factory and on-site calibration services. As a global provider of calibration services Instron has laboratories in Europe, USA, and Brazil. All calibrations are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through a local National Metrological Institute (NMI).

Compliance to Global Standards

Our services are designed to ensure that your testing systems meet or exceed relevant standards. Our calibration specialists are trained and supported by the necessary calibration tools and standards to verify and calibrate all Instron materials testing systems. In addition to the Instron family of products, Instron can verify other brands of testing equipment used in your facility. Our global presence, range of capabilities, experience, and low-measurement uncertainties make us a global calibration leader for materials testing solutions.

Maintaining Data Accuracy, Integrity, and Traceability

Our calibration laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories that have demonstrated competence, impartiality, and the performance capability required to provide a high level of confidence in the results from your materials testing system. Calibrations are conducted using our CalproCR Software that performs data acquisition, uncertainty analysis, and checks against ISO and ASTM requirements. This Instron proprietary calibration information central repository solution also enables us to provide you with digitally signed copies supplied promptly by email. Our online calibration certificate repository delivers the benefits and flexibility of electronic files with confidence in the integrity of the data within your certificates.

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On-Site Calibration Services

Our worldwide network of Instron Service offices provide on-site calibration services. Equipped, trained, and certified, calibrations undertaken by local staff are organized through Europe's UKAS accredited Calibration Laboratory in High Wycombe, UK, the USA's NVLAP accredited Calibration Laboratory in Norwood, MA.

On-Site Calibration Services

Factory Calibration Services

Instron’s factory-based calibration laboratories are based in High Wycombe (UK) and Norwood, MA (USA). Our facilities are accredited by their national accreditation bodies -UKAS in the United Kingdom and NVLAP in the USA - and offer fast turn-around times at a significant cost savings.

Factory Calibration Services

Labs: Accreditations & Capabilities

Our calibration labs are globally located and provide cutting-edge calibration services with capabilities that are continuously expanding. Review the services we have available in the following territories:

EuropeNorth America, Australia & Asia