Dentistry - Mechanical Testing of Dental Materials and Dental Implants

Understanding the mechanisms of everyday processes, such as eating and cleaning, can help dentists and oral surgeons find the optimal methods for maintaining healthy teeth. Besides cosmetic considerations, dental restorations, such as crowns, need to last and provide years of pain-free, useful service. Evaluating the mechanical behavior of restorative materials is important in establishing their function.

Besides the fatigue and wear behavior of restorative and prosthodontic materials, the durability of the adhesives used in restorations are vital to implant longevity. Also, mechanical testing of orthodontic devices, such as braces, wires or posts, or general tissue products for gum and mouth disease, in the laboratory can help establish their performance and suitability in a clinical situation. In recent times, the use of dental implants has become an everyday occurance and the complex loading of these needs to be established within the laboratory environment.

Instron® has been active within the dental community for many years, providing machines, equipment, and instrumentation for a variety of different mechanical tests. The Instron range of dental testing solutions encompasses a wide variety of challenges and examples of these can be found below:

Dental Materials

Dental Implants

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ISO 14801 Dental Implant Fatigue Testing System


Instron's solution for fatigue tests on straight and pre-angled dental impants to ISO 14801, is based around the ElectroPuls™ series of linear motor test instruments. Requiring only a single-phase electrical power connection these machines will perform both static tests on dental materials and fatigue tests on dental implants.

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ElectroPuls™ Test Instruments


ElectroPuls systems use linear motor technology to offer slow-speed static testing and high-frequency dynamic fatigue testing with hundreds of Hertz capability. With models up to 10 kN and a linear-torsion variant, ElectroPuls systems are dynamic testing machines that do not have the environmental impact of conventional servohydraulic technologies.

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5900 Universal Testing Systems


The 5900 Series are higher performance universal systems that are packaged in innovative frames, designed with enhancements that deliver superior accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced overall experience for the operator. Systems are packaged with Bluehill for test set-up, running of tests and data analysis.

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