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CEAST Capillary Rheometers

Capillary Rheometers
Rheology Systems
Instron's line of CEAST Capillary Rheometers
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Plastics are amazing materials with the unique ability to flow when heated to relatively low temperatures. They can be formed into a wide variety of shapes and tailored for many different applications. However, their flow properties during this process are complex and affected by many parameters. Instron® provides comprehensive and effective testing solutions in plastics applications and industries through the CEAST SmartRHEO Series. This capillary rheometer simulates the process conditions, measuring the plastic materials flow behavior that characterizes the rheology of materials.
Smart Rheo

Smart Rheo

These bench top capillary rheometers are suitable for both Quality Control and Research & Development laboratories. Their two-column main frame construction guarantees maximum performance. With a velocity ratio of 1:500,000 corresponding to a piston speed of 0.0024 to 1200 mm/min, they perform tests with unlimited steps at constant shear rate or constant speed. Meets ISO, ASTM and equivalent standards.



Choose the software that fits your application

VisualRHEO Software

VisualRHEO Software

VisualRHEO Software is specifically designed for the Instron line of CEAST Capillary Rheometers, both single-bore and twin-bore versions. It allows the operator full control of the system to carry out the tests, and manages the complete test procedure including setting parameters, test execution with real-time graphs, data acquisition, calculating test results, report management and data export.

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