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HDT & Vicat Testers

HDT & Vicat
Thermo-Mechanical Systems
Thermal Test Evaluation
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Instron's CEAST HDT & Vicat testers measure with great accuracy the thermal properties of plastic materials, such as the determination of the heat deflection temperature (HDT) and the Vicat softening temperature. The range of available instruments starts from very simple and compact traditional oil machines up to high technology innovative instruments, silicone oil free, and able to test materials at temperatures up to 500° C.


The CEAST HV3 - HV6 - HV6A are reliable instruments for HDT and Vicat tests with automatic control of the entire test cycle. It comes complete with command keyboard, built in parameters, results display and ability to continuously monitor both temperature and deflection/penetration.



A revolutionary system for HDT and Vicat tests on the newest techno-polymers (including polyamide-imide, PEEK, LCP) at temperatures from 50° C up to 500° C. In place of the traditional oil bath, a new fluidised bed technology is used, making it a revolutionary instrument in its field of application. Up to three samples can be tested simultaneously in independent test stations.



Choose the software that fits your application

VisualTHERM Software

VisualTHERM Software

VisualTHERM Software is specifically developed for the Instron line of CEAST HDT and Vicat Systems. It provides easy system management, test execution, data acquisition, result analysis, report management, and data export.

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