5900 EXTEND Upgrade or Retrofit Package for Existing Instron Mechanical Testing Systems

The 5900 EXTEND Package upgrades your system with a premium electronics package that provides high accuracy, improved test control and cyclic, multi- test segment capability. The 5900 upgrade is a modular design that is easy to install and provides options such as additional strain cards, multi-channel data acquisition, and analog outputs. A computer running Instron´s Windows®-based Bluehill® software is required for test control, data acquisition, and analysis.

All old controls and electronic components are replaced with a new digital controller, advanced signal conditioning, and a user productivity panel. In addition, other critical components unique to each frame type, such as power amplifiers, limit switch assemblies, and emergency stop switches are included in the corresponding retrofit package – an extra step that we take to ensure a long product life and that your investment receives the maximum amount of protection.

5900 EXTEND upgrades are available for Instron models 4204, 4206, 4505, 4507, 6025, 6027; and 4400/5500/5800 Series Table and Floor model systems.

EXTEND Package Includes:

  • Removal of old controls, recorders, and other older components 
  • Installation of Instron’s advanced 5900 electronics 
  • New 5900 Productivity Panel with Live Display, Soft Keys, and Specimen Protect for enhanced usability and productivity 
  • Factory-direct hardware and software support of your new software and controls 
  • Full 12-month warranty on new control electronics and software

Productivity Panel

Exclusive to Instron 5900 test systems, the all-new Productivity Panel includes a combination of action keys and live displays to facilitate testing and improve efficiency.  The panel is mounted to the test frame and allows the operator to start a test, stop a test, balance load, rest gauge length, adjust the crosshead with both a fine and coarse adjustment, and view a live display.  In addition the 5900 series offer a “specimen protect feature”.  Specimen Protect prevents any load from being applied to the specimen outside a set threshold — protecting your valuable specimens from damage. Learn More

5900 Series Electronics Features:

  • Data Collection rates of up 1,000 points per sec. 
  • Intelligent data acquisition based on time, load, extension changes 
  • Load and position measurement channel standard 
  • Up to eleven additional channels can be added as options. 
  • Extension, Load, Stress, and Strain rate test control via Bluehill 3 software 
  • Automatic recognition and calibration of system transducers. 
  • Analog Output & Digital Input/Output Board option 
  • Compatible with modern Instron accessories, including video and automatic extensometers
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