Creative Marketing Specialist

Roland Dan Roland Dan

Working at Instron

I have been working at Instron for a year and a half in the Dynamic Systems Business Team. Although it was a bigger change from my previous role – I used to work for a start-up – it’s been a positive move in many ways.

Instron is like a big family, where you know almost everyone and where you are being challenged every day to be better and to excel. But in addition to that, it’s also part of a larger company, with offices all around the world, allowing you to be part of a worldwide group that innovates constantly.

What does your role involve? 

My role as Creative Marketing Specialist is supporting marketing collateral and campaigns for Dynamic Systems. I specialise in content creation in different areas: photography, video, design & web. There are bigger marketing campaigns where I’ve been involved and helped deliver, as well as day to day support tasks.

There’s quite a variety of tasks in any given week, from big projects to small things, making my role very varied and interesting at the same time.

How did you become a Creative Marketing Specialist? 

My background is in photography, which was my first passion that led me to start my own photography business some years ago. In the meantime, I also studied Media & Communications, which opened the doors to video and design.

This made me find my love for creative content creation and exploring the digital world. I’ve been freelancing in digital media ever since, and the role at Instron allowed me to combine all of my passions into a Monday-to-Friday position that doesn’t feel as a painful obligation, but more like an open door to growing my career and developing my skills. 

Top Tips

"It's very easy to stop when you are faced with a challenge or with something you can't do. The difficult part is pushing through and actually deciding that you want to improve and learn something new. Choose the latter, and don't stop developing yourself and your skillset."

"Be a good person. You spend a thrid of your week surrounded by your colleagues and managers. If all change for better starts with one step, be that first step."