Peel Fixtures

Peel fixtures are suitable for testing the peel strength of a wide range of laminated materials and components including copper runners on printed circuit boards, thin film coatings, adhesive tapes and other bonded structures.

Principle Of Operation

The fixtures incorporate a moving table which is coupled to the crosshead or actuator of the materials testing machine through a cable and pulley. As the crosshead (or actuator) is driven in the tensile direction the cable pulls the table laterally to maintain the required peel angle throughout the test. This method prevents the exertion of outside forces on the sample.The force required to peel the specimen is measured by the machine load measurement system providing a direct measure of bond strengt. The substrate or base of the test sample is clamped to the moving table via a set of clamps.

Application Range

  • Peel tests on copper runners, thin films and coatings, adhesive tapes and packaging


Item Name Capacity Cat #
Miniature 90 Degree Peel Fixture 1 kN 225 lbf 2820-034
Miniature Variable Angle Peel Fixture 1 kN 225 lbf 2820-033