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Machines de fatigue ElectroPuls

With more than ten years of running tests over billions of cycles, ElectroPuls systems are the established materials testing instruments using patented linear motor technology. Offering slow-speed static and high-frequency fatigue testing, this versatile testing capability means ElectroPuls systems are ideal for any lab or office space. Choose from axial only or combined axial-torsion systems that can deliver up to 10kN and 100Nm. Available in 3 sizes, simply pick the one that's right for you. ElectroPuls, a simpler, smarter, safer way to meet your testing needs.


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Redefining the testing experience



ElectroPuls Simulation

Are you interested in doing more than just running a sine wave or finding out the number of cycles to failure? If you are wanting to replicate real life loading conditions for your products, accelerate your product development and get more meaningful results – then read on to find out more about how an ElectroPuls is the perfect platform to help take you one step closer to simulating real life.

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ElectroPuls Applications

ElectroPuls systems offer incredible versatility in testing solutions in a number of different industries, including biomedical, orthopaedics, consumer electronics, and research institutions. To help you explore the thousands of different customer applications running on ElectroPuls, we’ve grouped them in to the following categories: Validation, Simulation, Materials and Universal.

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Technical Highlights

Detailed information and full specifications of the ElectroPuls systems available below

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10 Year Anniversary

In April 2017, Instron held an Educational User-Group Event to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ElectroPuls range. The two day event included guests from all over Europe, connecting inspiring ElectroPuls users from a range of material testing industries and research.

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ElectroPuls System with WaveMatrix2 and AVE2

Case Studies


With growing test requirements in terms of both quantity and complexity, it soon became clear to Synoste that to be successful the only solution was to own their test resources by bringing their testing in-house with their own equipment.

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Ghent University

The lab's need was for evaluation testing of key biomedical components for industrial customers, in ways that were as close to real-life usage as possible. Critical to this was making sure that they could meet the industry's needs for dynamic testing in a variety of fields.

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It has been shown that changes in tissue microstructure are key in cancerous growth, namely an increased tissue stiffness. Investigating its mechanical properties is key to creating a biomechanical model of tumor growth.

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BaoWu Group

Using an ElectroPuls E10000, from low-speed static testing of food-grade lightweight materials to dynamic long-term mechanical property testing of materials such as ultra-thin steels under variable frequency and amplitude.

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