CEAST Measurement System Verification's 

CEAST stands for Compagnia Europea Apparecchi Scientifici, Torino. 

CEAST was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 2008 and is now within its Test & Measurement Group’s Instron Division.

Inston’s Professional Services organization provides a complete range of verification services for CEAST Melt Flow, Rheometer, and automated HDT and Vicat testing solutions. 

CEAST Melt Flow Meter Verification

  • Piston and capillary Dimensions
  • Encoder accuracy Check (where fitted)
  • Verification of barrel temperature and adjustment
  • Verification of the DIE swell (where fitted)
  • Verification of the load cell used on model 7027multi-weight (where fitted)

CEAST HDT Vicat Verification 

  • Dimensional check of the Vicat head
  • LVDT accuracy
  • Bath temperature and ramp rate
  • Temperature sensors
  • Check/configure the thermal expansion of testing probes

CEAST Capillary Rheometer Verification

  • Dimensional checks of the piston or pistons
  • Verification of barrel temperature and adjustment
  • Capillary condition
  • Accuracy of load cells
  • Speed of the crosshead
  • Crosshead displacement
  • Pressure transducer operation
  • Check of the stretch unit if fitted